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Meet Jim Amsing

Author, Retired Police Officer, Police Chaplain, Entrepreneur, Loving Father and Husband.

Our desire to serve with humility, patience, and courage will lead to a life well lived

Jim Amsing


Jim Amsing, author of Spirituality: Inner Armor, has over 25 years of experience policing in big cities as well as small-town policing. Serving as a police chaplain in a major city for 13 years, Jim has dealt with line of duty deaths and other issues within the police service. Jim has extensive training in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and has been involved in many defusing and debriefings. He has also been a crowd control supervisor during G8 and the World Petroleum Congress.  Through Jim's passion of seeking to help others, he co-founded Emma Maternity House Society; a safe home for pregnant young women in a crises housing situation. He also co-founded Legacy Place Society (formally known as Diakonos Peace Officer Retreat Society). This organization was created to develop programs for police, fire and military personnel and families to help deal with exposure to trauma in serving the public. This society implemented educational seminars on PTSD, compassion fatigue, resiliency in personal and family life, marriage enrichment, suicide prevention as well as provide emergency housing due to medical, post-traumatic stress disorder, and relationship problems. Jim also co-founded the God Squad Canada, a men’s yearly workshop on how to be a better father and husband. Jim has been happily married to his soulmate for 40 years, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in General studies from St. Mary's University.

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