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Spirituality: Inner Armor

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Spirituality: Inner Armor presents an antidote to the toxic effects that dealing with evil has in the lives of those called to serve. True-life police stories from front-line officers portray the reality of evil actions and its effects in the lives of everyone involved. Current research and the wisdom of the sages of history backstop the stories to flesh out solutions. Harmonic congruence in the inner person will necessarily reveal itself in outer actions. Persons who serve society and are willing to constantly grow in knowledge and practice of inner armor spirituality will find tranquility amidst chaos, interior peace during war, and right action in perplexity. Those who are willing to engage in the battle with evil will have battered shields and dented armor, but the inner armor of spirituality will sustain, renew, and guide the guardians of society into the harbor of peace.

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The Soul Doctrine

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Joe Thomas wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Baptist pastor, but finds minefields in controlling his fleshly passions and struggles to follow the path into spiritual maturity. Follow Joe’s journey through high school, learning to be a cowboy, college, and his discovery of love and freedom as he discovers the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. His search draws him into his calling as a priest and the enemy seeks to devour him with a malicious conspiracy by two young girls into Wicca that lands him in jail for pedophilia. When Joe is sexually and physically assaulted in jail he contracts AIDS. Find out how Joe gains the victory over hate in this journey into the heart of authentic spirituality.

The author is a searcher of the hidden truths that can be discovered through history, art, nature, and selfless noble acts of everyday heroism. John Baptiste is compelled to follow in the footsteps of his ancient namesake, John the Baptist, who brought clarity to the path toward the author of truth.

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Terry D. Anderson Ph.D

Chief Leadership Officer - IAPS

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Friesen Press

"Jim Amsing offers us a challenging, clear and practical theology that was tested in the streets alongside other police officers and criminals. Inner Armor is written unlike most books in that Jim tells moving and insightful stories the way cops would share their stories with one another. If you want to learn about how the reality of policing intersects with practical spirituality, take this tour of duty inside the soul of a police officer who has felt it was his calling to wrestle with evil and uphold the good face-to-face with the worst criminals. He has seen events occur that only the word“miracle” could explain and once you start reading each story you will be spellbound. Each chapter is like a short story that weaves its way through the life and career of the author and sheds light on the reader’s own life stance. This book challenges all of us to re-examine our foundations and re-root ourselves in the organic soul…I mean, soil."

"I’m especially impressed at how inclusive you are concerning the concept of spirituality. Though it’s clear you’re coming from a Christian standpoint, you include so many other points of view from Gandhi, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, various psychologists and thinkers, and so on, that there’s no sense that you’re suggesting there’s only one way to spiritual balance. That’s going to keep all your readers on board, even those who have no particular religious bent."

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