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Book Release- Spirituality: Inner Armor Now Available!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

During my career as a police officer, and then as a chaplain to the police, I was exposed to a lot of toxic evil, as well as stress and trauma. Supervisory bullying, pettiness, and internal politics as well as the incessant paperwork, court appearances on days off or while working night shift all had a toll physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Mind, body, and spirit seemed to be under constant assault from both within the police and the citizens we are called to serve.

Police have a calling, vocation, and mission to serve and protect, and yet, after being exposed to the toxicity of evil many officers, in vain hope of protecting their psyche, will resort to apathy, despair, and arrogance in their dealings with the public, other officers, and their families. This breakdown in morals, ethics, and purpose has led to substance abuse, citizen complaints, failure to investigate crimes properly, quitting the job, breakdowns in relationships, loss of public trust and in some cases to suicide.

Early in my career I came to the conclusion that spirituality would be the “fuel” to keep myself on track; with a clear understanding that my mission was to serve “all” the members of society, good or bad. I needed to have a spirituality that would help on those bad days and that would keep me resilient, focused, and willing to serve for the long haul.

This book is a compilation of some of my thoughts, research, and experiences of 34 years in the policing world. An active, informed, and authentic spirituality needs to be recharged daily as a life-style or it will fall by the wayside on the road of life. Other officers who have also ‘tapped into’ the power of intuitive spirituality also shared their experiences.

What is the root cause of racism, harassment, bullying, violence, anger, narcissism, and conflict?

Buddha taught that we are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves them.

There is an internal global war happening today in every thinking person between good thoughts and bad thoughts. Thoughts lead to actions. When we try to challenge and eliminate bad or evil thoughts interiorly, we will be on the path to allowing good thoughts of peace, justice, and mercy to actualize in our outer person.

How do we win this interior battle?

Over time we develop a spirituality that informs our moral compass in right thinking as we continue on the path towards change. A spirituality that seeks wisdom knowledge through study of spiritual masters throughout the ages; that engages in meditation to create space in our soul for infused wisdom; that reflects on the successes and failures of the day and determines to do better tomorrow; is willing to pray for themselves and others; is willing to continually search for wisdom from secular and religious sources; is realizing that humility is the key to all virtue, morals, and ethics; and is willing to engage our most cherished personal relationships as well as the people in our communities with authenticity, active listening, and communication, and with a spirit of kind-heartedness that is willing to help others in a tangible way.

This type of spirituality that can change the interior and exterior world we live in is not easily achieved. Daily growth in spirituality requires a determination and perseverance in spiritual practices like reading sacred scriptures, prayer, meditation, reflection or self-examination, forgiveness and mercy.

Why is spirituality important to develop and grow?

When we get it right interiorly with right thoughts, right wisdom, and right intention our outer actions will reflect the inner person. The effect will be life-changing and game-changing for those who tap-in to the transforming power of serving others. Solutions to problems are found because of an authentic willingness to engage the other person. Narcissism, entitlement, anger, despair, and apathy are swallowed up in the only true happiness we can achieve in this life – serving others.

The solution to turmoil is a recognition of the battle within each of us. Body, Mind, and Spirit need to be in balance for transformation to occur. An informed and active spirituality will lead to interior peace, inner harmonic congruence in which the inner and outer person is the same, and tranquility that will be the catalyst for change in the actions of the outer person.

Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai Lama, and Mahatma Gandhi are all examples of persons with a spirituality that led them to be change-agents in society. They all had a humility that James Hunter, in his book ‘Servant Leader’, described as not thinking less of themselves, but thinking about themselves less.

Those who are willing to engage in the effort of winning the inward battle of the soul will find that an inner peace will allow them to be effective peacemakers in their outer world.

Are we willing to be change-agents in a world desperate for heroes?

Spirituality: Inner Armor now available on Amazon or Friesen Press

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