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The Importance of Spirituality in Law Enforcement

Updated: May 14, 2019

Peacemaking is a state of mind, and of the heart. When you put on your outer armor for protection you shouldn't forget that spirituality is a dynamic inner armor that will protect your soul, guide you in peril, and allow you to live without fear.

Here's a sneak peak on the Introduction to Spirituality: Inner Armor


"Most persons involved in the field of law enforcement and peace keeping hope that their personal and professional lives will somehow survive the toxic effects of dealing with evil. What many officers don't actually realize is that an informed moral conscience infused with spiritual wisdom and virtues, will transform despair and cynicism into a daily rhythm of life-changing opportunities to serve and protect those they have sworn to serve.
We all have a choice to develop a spirituality that taps into the healing power of service for those we love, and those we have been chosen to serve. This energy, when harnessed and integrated within our inner person, will necessarily be reflected in the actions of the outer person.
When we are willing to be a conduit for peace keeping our sixth sense, our intuition, our ability to know what the right investigative avenue or tactical decision should be allows us to serve in a way that moves us beyond the rational, and into the mystical field of spirituality" - Inner Armor

Want to read more? Join us in the book Spirituality: Inner Armor as we identify some relatable real-life stories on the daily life as a police officer, and how to combat everyday stressors. Also keep your eye out for workshops in your area!

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