• Jim Amsing

Servant Leadership is the change agent for authenticity

Serving the public good is by definition a noble calling. Leaders who combine positional authority with authentic moral authority will have the trust of those they serve.

Those leaders who abuse this calling by greed for power, money, prestige, sex, position, or fear tear the fabric of hope, trust, and peace that citizens depend on to survive.

When leaders have unresolved internal issues their desire to be a compelling change agent is dimmed. We can’t be a light in this world of darkness unless we are authentic bearers of the truth.

Truth is not relative. Five thousand years of written history have produced philosophers and sages that have articulated a cohesive theory of natural law that can be understood by reason. An accurate summary of both the spiritual and natural law is found in the Mosaic Ten Commandments on how humans ‘ought’ to live and act to ensure harmonious co-existence.

The course of history is replete with actions that ignored natural law and has resulted in mayhem, disruption, injury, and death to humans and the environment.

A society that enshrines respect and dignity of human life, allows and encourages the genius of its people, advocates for the poor and marginalized, treats its own people and those of other nations with honesty, authenticity, and respect is a peace-loving nation. The strength of a nation is the collective will to do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Doing the ‘right’ begins in the inner person. The war between good and evil resides in the thoughts. Good thoughts lead to good actions, and bad thoughts lead to evil actions. The choice is personal although thoughts and actions have a universal impact. Right thinking is a serious and difficult exercise until it becomes habitual.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Leaders that gain knowledge without wisdom limit their genius and ability to be change agents in society. Wisdom seeks knowledge to inform right thinking, right action, and right living.

Wisdom seekers embrace humility as the true mark of authenticity and seek to lead through serving. Today, more than ever, we need servant leaders to inspire a renewed search for truth and justice.


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