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  • Jim Amsing

To hear the voice of God we need to be still enough to hear.

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)

To hear the voice of God we need to be still enough to hear.

In our busy world with instant communication, and the tyranny of cell phones, trying to find the space for silence is challenging. With the call for social distancing in recent times we have an opportunity to find that space for stillness.

God calls us to pray without ceasing. With a right disposition of the heart, that is open to communication and intimacy with God, our lives become a prayer. The Greek monks of Mt. Athos practice interior prayer that is continual while they are awake, even during external speech. This type of interior prayer takes a lot of persistence, practice, and stillness of spirit.

Our soul need’s time for reflection, tranquility, and openness to hear the voice of God internally. Without being still we can’t hear the whisper of our Father’s voice. We need quiet to recognize what the message of hope is.

We humans are the barrier to communication with God. In all the busyness, confusion and noise of life we find it hard to carve out space for what are soul really requires. Internal peace, tranquility, and calm can only be experienced through silence that anticipates revelation.

God speaks to us through nature, guardian angels, sacred scripture, prayer, church, family and friends, inspired persons, and in the quiet whisper in our inner being. He wishes to have an intimate relationship with us and has given each one of us the gift of free will to choose if we desire this intimacy.

For those who hear the voice of God and respond in love, a joy and inner harmonic congruence occurs. Our inner nature is in balance with our outer actions. This person knows they are beloved of God and face life’s challenges with an inner armor of courage. With the psalmist we can say, ‘To be near God is my happiness, I have made the Lord God my refuge’ (Psalm 73:28).

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